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Innisfail Minor Lacrosse Association Bylaws 2019


Bylaw 1: NAME The name of the organization is Innisfail Minor Lacrosse Association (IMLA)


Bylaw 2: AFFLIATION The Bylaws of this organization are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA), Alberta Lacrosse Association (ALA), and Central Alberta Lacrosse League (CALL).


Bylaw 3: PURPOSE The purpose of the Bylaws is to govern the Innisfail Minor Lacrosse Association Board.



  • “PERSON”
  • 4.1 “Person”, and other references to persons, includes any individual, firm, company, corporation, unincorporated body of persons, or association.
  • 4.2 “In Writing” or “Written”, includes printing, typewriting, or any electronic means of communication by which words are capable of being visibly reproduced at a distant point of reception, including telecopy (fax), telex, telegraph and email.
  • “NOTICE”
  • 4.3 Whenever a period of notice is required under these Bylaws, the day on which notice is given, shall not be counted as part of the notice period, but the day appointed by the notice for the event to which the notice relates shall be counted as part of the notice period.
  • 4.4 Unless the subject matter or context requires a different interpretation, the following words and phrases shall, in these Bylaws, have the following meanings:
    • (1) “ALA” shall mean the Alberta Lacrosse Association;
    • (2) “ALRA” shall mean the Alberta Lacrosse Referees Association;
    • (3) “Amateur” shall have the meaning as defined by the CLA from time to time;
    • (4) “Annual General Meeting” shall mean the general meeting of the members as provided for in Bylaw 10;
    • (5) “Appeal” shall mean an appeal pursuant to Bylaw 9;
    • (6) “Bylaws” shall mean the Bylaws of IMLA as amended from time to time;
    • (7) “CALL” shall mean the Central Albera Lacrosse League;
    • (8) “CLA” shall mean the Canadian Lacrosse Association;
    • (9) “Coach” shall mean the person appointed by IMLA as a coach of a Lacrosse Team;
    • (10) “Discipline” shall mean the correction, chastisement, punishment, penalty, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, shall include suspension, probation, fine, expulsion and loss of a bond;
    • (11) “Divisions” shall mean the levels of play in IMLA;
    • (12) “Executive Board” shall mean all elected Board Members of IMLA;
    • (13) “Expulsion” shall mean a permanent removal;
    • (14) “Financial Statement” shall mean the financial statement of IMLA;
    • (15) “Fiscal Year” shall have the meaning as defined in Bylaw 11;
    • (16) “IMLA” shall mean the Innisfail Minor Lacrosse Association;
    • (17) “Lacrosse Team” shall mean a group of persons comprised of not less than twelve players (12) and not less than two (2) qualified coaches who are registered in the ALA;
    • (18) “LGB” shall mean the Local Governing Body;
    • (19) “Manager” shall mean a person registered with IMLA as a manager of a Lacrosse Team;
    • (20) “Member” shall mean any player (12 years and up), parent/guardian, executive, coach, assistant coach, manager, associate, volunteer, or honorary person registered with IMLA in good standing provided in Bylaw 5;
    • (21) “Officials” shall mean those persons who work as referees, time-keepers, goal judges, penalty box attendants and other persons who may be required off the floor from time to time for the organized conduct of a game of Lacrosse;
    • (22) “Player” shall mean a person registered with IMLA as a player on a Lacrosse Team;
    • (23) “Past President” shall mean the immediately former President of IMLA;
    • (24) “President” shall mean a person elected as the President of the Executive Board of IMLA;
    • (25) “Probation” shall mean a temporary loss of privileges and responsibilities, as set out by the Discipline ruling of said duties, subject to good behaviour and/or under supervision within a stipulated length of time or number of Lacrosse games, or type of Lacrosse games or any combination thereof;
    • (26) “Referee” shall mean a person registered as a referee with the ALRA, qualified to officiate a Minor Box Lacrosse game as determined from time to time by the ALA;
    • (27) “Regulations” shall mean those regulations of IMLA for the administration and advancement of Lacrosse;
    • (28) “Rules” shall mean those rules of the game of Minor Box Lacrosse as made from time to time by IMLA, CALL, ALA, and CLA;
    • (29) “Special Resolution” shall mean a Resolution/Bylaw change passed by a vote at a Special Resolution meeting (Bylaw 10). Twenty-Five percent (25%) of the IMLA membership must be in attendance and the resolution must be passed by a seventy-five percent (75%) majority of the said members in attendance who are entitled to vote. Twenty-One (21) days notice must be given, specifying the intention of the meeting is to propose a Special Resolution;
    • (30) “Suspension” shall mean a temporary removal of a person from the privileges of playing Lacrosse games or association with a Lacrosse Team or member, provided that a suspension must stipulate a length of time or number of Lacrosse games, or type of Lacrosse games or any combination thereof.
    • (These are the definitions at ALA)



  • 5.1 A Member shall be: Any Player (12 years and over), Parent/Guardian, Executive Board Member, Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, Honorary Person, Associate, or Volunteer registered with IMLA. 5.1.1 A Member in good standing shall be a member who has paid all fees, returned all equipment and jerseys in good condition, and has fulfilled all the requirements of probation or suspension and has not been expelled.
  • 5.2 The membership fee shall be determined by the IMLA Executive Board before each new minor box lacrosse year.
  • 5.3 Any member who does not conduct himself or herself in accordance with the rules or regulations of the IMLA, CALL, ALA and CLA Code of Conduct may have their membership suspended in accordance with Discipline Bylaw 9 and all fees forfeited.
  • 5.4 The boundaries of IMLA will include all addresses within the Town of Innisfail and surrounding communities as approved by CALL and the ALA.
  • 5.5 Each prospective member, as a condition precedent to membership in IMLA shall agree that: i) All members shall unconditionally commit to abide by the Objectives, Bylaws, Regulations, Rules and Policies of IMLA, CALL, ALA and the CLA and any amendments thereto; ii) The Executive Board shall be the sole and final interpreter of the Objectives, Bylaws, Regulations, Rules and Policies of IMLA.
  • 5.6 A general member may be expelled from membership in IMLA by a resolution passed by two-thirds (2/3) of the Executive Board in a meeting of the Board called for that purpose. No member shall be expelled without being notified of the complaint against them or without having first been given a fair hearing, in accordance with the rules of natural justice, by the Board at the afore mentioned meeting.
  • 5.7 The Executive Board may, by a vote of two-thirds (2/3), expel or suspend any member who has failed to pay registration fees to IMLA.
  • 5.8 A member who is suspended, continues to be a member but has no rights or privileges of membership until the terms and conditions of their suspension are completed.
  • 5.9 A member may resign in writing to the Executive Board. The resignation must be signed.



  • 6.1 Subject to compliance with the requirements of the laws of the Province of Alberta, the Bylaws may be rescinded, altered or added to, by a Special Resolution of the members. Special Resolution will take place at a general meeting with twenty-one (21) or more days notice. With general meeting quorum, as established in Bylaw 10.15, seventy-five percent (75%) of the members in attendance must vote in favour of the Special Resolution.
  • 6.2 Any amendment to the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, shall not be negated by reason of any error or omission which may occur in the periodic printing of the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations.



  • 7.1 IMLA is not responsible for any team or member’s finances or debts.
  • 7.2 All approved reimbursement of expenses is to be submitted to the IMLA Treasurer in a timely fashion. This applies to all funding in the current budget year for IMLA. (i.e. floor rental, official fees, etc.) Late submissions may not be considered for payment.



  • 8.1 The Executive Board of IMLA are the following:
    • President (Non-Voting Position)
    • Vice President
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Registrar
    • Director of Public Relations and Fundraising
    • Director of Player/Coach Development
    • Director of Scheduling
    • Director of Discipline
    • Director of Equipment
    • Director of Tournaments
    • Past President (Non-Voting Position)
  • 8.2 Elections for the various Executive Board positions shall be as follows: (Elected every two (2) years, alternating four (4) positions when possible)
    • President - Uneven
    • Vice President - Even
    • Secretary - Uneven
    • Registrar - Even
    • Even Treasurer - Uneven
    • Director of Public Relations and Fundraising - Even
    • Director of Player/Coach Development - Uneven
    • Director of Scheduling - Even
    • Director of Discipline - Uneven
    • Director of Equipment - Even
    • Director of Tournaments - Uneven
  • 8.3 Notwithstanding, no President may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms. In the event of the President not being able to perform his or her duties, the Vice President will assume the position for the balance of the term or until the next Annual General Meeting, whichever occurs first. In the event the Vice President cannot assume the position, the Executive Board may fill the position in accordance with Bylaw 8.5.
  • 8.4 Members of the Executive Board shall be elected from the general membership at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special Meeting called for that purpose.
  • 8.5 The Executive Board shall have the power to fill by appointment any office or vacancy, which may occur, between Annual General Meetings, to elect a full slate. Appointed Board members would be considered interim until the next Annual General Meeting, where the position would be up for election.
  • 8.6 The Executive Board shall have the power to adopt or amend policies, guidelines, procedures or regulations at a regular or Special Meeting by motion, which shall be binding on all Association members. Such a motion shall be adopted by a majority vote with quorum as established in Bylaw 10.15.
  • 8.7 The Executive Board may create committees or sub committees. The Executive Board appoints the Committee Chairperson with powers to select their own members. Committee chair must report to the Board.
  • 8.8 Removal from office:
    • i) Any elected or appointed member of the Executive Board who does not attend three (3) consecutive meetings, without just cause, may be relieved of his/her duties;
    • ii) The Executive Board members may, by resolution passed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of votes cast at a Special Meeting of members duly called for that purpose, remove any Executive Board member, before the expiration of his/her term of office. Quorum of the Executive Board members would be required. The Executive Board member would be able to refute any arguments to defend his/her position. Interim appointment to replace the removed Board member would take place as specified in Bylaw 8.5.
  • 8.9 Duties of the Executive Board:
    • President:
      • a) Responsible for the general operation of the association;
      • b) Signing officer;
      • c) Preside over all meetings and to oversee the direction of the Board in meeting the needs of the membership;
      • d) Exercise the powers of the Executive Board in case of emergency;
      • e) Be the main point of contact with CALL and the ALA (including game related discipline that is handed down);
      • f) Serve as a voting member in the event of a tie vote;
      • g) Will attend or appoint a designate to all CALL and ALA meetings. 
    • Vice President:
      • a) Will report to the Executive Board;
      • b) Chair meetings in the event of the President’s absence;
      • c) Signing officer;
      • d) Will be a representative on the discipline committee.
    • Past President:
      • a) Term of office is one (1) year following term as President;
      • b) Assist and consult the Executive Board as needed.
    • Secretary:
      • a) Will maintain accurate minutes of all Board and General Meetings;
      • b) Will have charge of all Board records;
      • c) Will maintain and update the Bylaws as required;
      • d) Will be responsible for all Executive Board correspondence as directed by the President;
      • e) Will report to the Executive Board;
      • f) Signing officer.
    • Treasurer:
      • a) Signing authority along with the President, Vice President and Secretary;
      • b) Will have charge of all Board financial records;
      • c) Will present an annual statement of all operations at General Meetings;
      • d) Will prepare a financial report for meetings of the Executive Board;
      • e) Will be responsible for the reconciliation of funds on all Special Committees.
    • Registrar:
      • a) Will be responsible for registration for players, coaches, managers and other team personnel, develop team rosters, and maintain all player personal information;
      • b) Will chair the registration committee, oversee the registration policy and procedures, and process all refunds;
      • c) Will report to the Executive Board;
      • d) Will submit all required documentation to CALL and ALA in a timely manner;
      • e) Will have access and knowledge of the website.
    • Director of Public Relations and Fundraising:
      • a) Will present a report of initiatives;
      • b) Organize fundraisers and volunteers;
      • c) Will be the IMLA contact with media and submit regular articles promoting IMLA;
      • d) Will chair fundraising and public relations sub committee;
      • e) Will liaison directly with the community organizations in developing community sport initiatives
      • f) Will develop sponsorship opportunities;
      • g) Will develop initiatives to attract members to the game of lacrosse;
      • h) Will liaison with the Webmaster.
    • Director of Player/Coach Development:
      • a) Will report to the Executive Board;
      • b) Will maintain records of all correspondence, coach certification, and criminal record checks;
      • c) Will be responsible for the skill development of players and coaches through clinics;
      • d) Will oversee the Winter Lacrosse Program;
      • e) Will develop initiatives to sustain players and coaches in the game of Lacrosse;
      • f) Will act as chair of the Coach Selection Committee;
      • g) Will be a representative on the Discipline Committee.
    • Director of Scheduling:
      • a) Will present a report of initiatives;
      • b) Will schedule the Innisfail Arena for all games/practices and be the acting liaison with the Town Office;
      • c) Will attend all CALL scheduling meetings for the league;
      • d) Will assist with scheduling tournaments;
      • e) Will report to the Executive Board.
    • Director of Discipline:
      • a) Will present a report of initiatives;
      • b) Will chair all discipline committee meetings, maintain all records of correspondence, and record all minutes of the discipline committee meetings;
      • c) Will be responsible for all player, coach and parent discipline within IMLA;
      • d) Will be the IMLA liaison with the CALL discipline chair;
      • e) Will report to the Executive Board.
    • Director of Equipment:
      • a) Will present a report of initiatives;
      • b) Will oversee the coordination, return and safe storage or equipment;
      • c) Will report to the Executive Board;
      • d) Will arrange for maintenance of equipment as it arises;
      • e) Will arrange the purchase of equipment with the approval from the Executive Board;
      • f) Will maintain and update inventory of equipment.



  • 9.1 The rules of Natural Justice will apply to IMLA discipline issues.
  • 9.2 The Association, through its elected or appointed officials, has the authority to discipline any players, team officials, team followers, parents/guardians and members.
  • 9.3 The President shall ensure that written Policy or Regulations exist with respect to the application of discipline which ensures that each disciplinary incident is:
    • i) Dealt with by a committee of not less than three (3) people;
    • ii) Fairness and consistency is maintained;
    • iii) That the right of appeal is extended to every individual;
    • iv) That the integrity and stature of the game officials is respected.
  • 9.4 The discipline committee will consist of:
    • i) Discipline Chair (Director of Discipline);
    • ii) Vice President;
    • iii) Director of Player/Coach Development
    • In the event that a committee member is directly involved with the discipline issue at hand, or the Executive Board determines there is a conflict of interest with a discipline committee member, the Executive Board has the right to replace the committee member with any member of the Executive Board until the discipline issue is resolved.


  • 9.5 All discipline issues (including appeals) are to be directed to the discipline chair in writing directly from the complainant or their guardian.


Bylaw 10: MEETINGS

  • 10.1 Executive Meetings: Meetings of the Executive Board shall be held as often as may be required but at least once per month during regular season, with a minimum of eight (8) per year and shall be called by the President. Notice of meetings shall be posted on the website seven (7) days in advance, along with the agenda.
  • 10.2 The order of Business at any regular meeting of the Executive Board or Committee shall be as follows:
    • i) Call to order;
    • ii) Reading and Approval of previous minutes;
    • iii) Business arising from minutes; Any member of the Executive Board may bring to the attention of the meeting any unfinished business from the previous meeting.
    • iv) Reading and Approval of Agenda;
    • v) Reports of officers and standing committees;
      • Executive Board should be called upon to report in the order in which they are mentioned in the Bylaws.
    • vi) New Business;
    • vii) Next Meeting;
    • viii) Adjournment motion for adjournment; motion is seconded; President calls for a vote; action depends upon majority vote. This motion cannot be discussed.
  • 10.3 If there are agenda items which require specific Executive Board Members to be present, and they are not present, the President shall immediately have those items tabled to the end of the meeting. If at the end of all other business, those Executive or Committee members are still not present, those items shall be tabled until the next meeting.
  • 10.4 The minutes of the Board meetings shall include motions considered and their disposition, reports received either explicitly or as attachments and shall be distributed to Board members. Approved minutes shall be posted on the IMLA website.
  • 10.5 Voting at Executive Meetings: Executive Board members shall vote on every motion of a Board meeting, unless disqualified from voting by reason of a conflict of interest as pursuant to Bylaw 10.6.
  • 10.6 Conflict of Interest: Executive Board members shall not vote on any question:
    • i) Affecting a private company of which they are shareholders;
    • ii) Affecting a public company in which they hold more than one percent (1%) of the shares;
    • iii) Affecting a partnership or firm of which they are members;
    • iv) A contract for the sale of goods, merchandise, or services to which they are a party;
    • v) On any question in which they have direct or indirect pecuniary interest, except questions of general benefit to a class of which they are, by statute, necessarily members;
    • vi) Any question directly effecting the placement or discipline of any player or personnel to whom they are directly related
    • Any Executive Board Member excluded because of the above shall so declare before discussion of the question and shall not participate in the debate, and shall be deemed absent for the specific question.
  • 10.7 Proxy Voting: Will be permitted and must be acknowledged to the Board at the beginning of the Board meeting. Only one (1) proxy vote may be carried by any Executive member at the meeting on one (1) specific agenda item. The proxy vote must be in writing and signed.
  • 10.8 Recording: A Board member may request his/her vote to be recorded in the minutes.
  • 10.9 Motions:
    • a) Each Board member, excluding the Chair/President, shall have the privilege of proposing motions for consideration with requirement of the motion being seconded;
    • b) The President shall be rule on the validity of any point of order. If a motion is ruled “out-of-order” by the President, it shall be so recorded in the minutes along with the reasons stated for the ruling;
    • c) Meetings shall be conducted and governed in accordance with Roberts Rule of Order;
    • d) In the event of a time restraint or emergency, motions may be made via email, telephone conference, or source electronic means, as long as quorum is established as per Bylaw 10.15.
  • 10.10 General Meeting: General Meetings of the members will be held from time to time as decided by the Executive Board. It is necessary, however, that a minimum of fourteen (14) days notice be given of such meeting (with the exception of a Special Resolution meeting).
  • 10.11 Annual General Meeting: IMLA shall hold an AGM. At this meeting, there shall be an election of officers as described herein. The elected officers should then form part of the Executive Board. The meeting shall:
    • i) Occur no later than October 31 or forty (40) days prior to the ALA annual meeting, whichever is earlier, on a date set by the President;
    • ii) A minimum of fourteen (14) days notice must be given;
    • iii) At every Annual Meeting, in addition to any other business that may be transacted, the following shall be in the order of business:
      • a) Roll call of member delegates;
      • b) Reading of minutes from the last Annual General Meeting;
      • c) Business arising from minutes;
      • d) President’s Report;
      • e) Treasurer’s Report, including the Annual Financial Review as per Bylaw 11.10;
      • f) Directors Reports;
      • g) Notices of Motion;
      • h) Elections (if required), in the following order; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Director of Discipline Chair, Director of Scheduling, Director of Player/Coach Development, Director of Public Relations and Fundraising, Director of Equipment, & Director of Tournaments;
      • i) New Business;
      • j) Adjournment.
  • 10.12 Special Meetings of the Executive Board: Other meetings of the Executive Board (hereinafter called “Special Meetings”) shall be convened for any time and place in Innisfail by a majority vote of the Executive Board. The Board, upon receipt of a written request of a Special Meeting signed by four (4) Executive Board Members in good standing, shall convene a Special Meeting within fourteen (14) days of the receipt of the request. The order of business in Bylaw 10.2 shall apply, with the necessary changes in points of detail. Executive Meeting quorum would apply according to Bylaw 10.15.
  • 10.13 Special Meetings of the Association may be called at any time by the Secretary upon the instructions of the President or Board of Executives, by duly given notice at least two (2) weeks prior to said meeting. A Special Meeting shall be called by the President or the Secretary upon notice by him/her of a petition signed by a one third (1/3) majority of the members in good standing, seeing forth the reasons for calling such meeting, which shall be by notice in the community newspaper at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting.
  • 10.14 Special Resolution Meeting of the Association: The Executive Board with twenty-one (21) days notice can call a Special Resolution meeting of the membership for the purpose of ratifying Bylaws. Quorum is the same as for the general meeting and established according to Bylaw 10.15. For a Resolution/Bylaw change to be in effect, it must be passed with a seventy-five percent (75%) majority vote of those members present.
  • 10.15 Quorum: Executive Meeting: as mentioned, a majority being six (6) Executive Board members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of any meeting of the Board. General Meeting: twenty-five percent (25%) of the members, in good standing and present in person, shall form a quorum at the Annual Meeting, General Meeting, or Special Resolution Meeting.
  • 10.16 Right and Obligations to vote at the General Meetings: At each Annual Meeting or Special Meeting, the voting rights are as follows:
    • i) Each member in good standing shall have one (1) vote per household. With the exception of a tie vote, the President shall not vote. In the event of a tie vote, the President/Chair, shall cast their vote as the deciding vote. In the event that the vote for the election of the President should end in a tie, the Vice President shall cast the deciding vote.
    • ii) Each such person shall vote on every motion unless disqualified by reason of conflict of interest as defined in Bylaw 10.6, in which case, that person shall not vote.
    • iii) To vote, the member must be present in person. No proxy voting.
  • 10.17 Voting at Executive and General Meetings:
    • i) At all meetings of the Executive Board and of IMLA, every question shall be decided by a majority of the votes, of those entitled to vote, who are present in person, unless otherwise required by the Bylaws or Bylaw. A tie vote will be broken by the President’s vote. Every question shall be decided in the first instance by a show of hands (having regard to any right of multiple votes of the Executive).
    • ii) Voting results will be reported in the minutes and will match the roll call.
    • iii) The procedures in Bylaw 10 shall apply to the meetings of members, mutatis mutandis (with the necessary changes in detail).


Bylaw 11: FINANCES

  • 11.1 Banking: The books, accounts and record of the Treasurer shall be audited at least once a year by a duly qualified accountant or by two (2) members of IMLA. Complete and proper statements of the standing of the books for the previous year shall be submitted by such auditor(s) at the Annual General Meeting of the Society. October 31 st of each year shall be the end of the fiscal year of the Association. i) Fiscal Year - The fiscal year of IMLA shall commence on the first day of November of every year to and including the 31 st day of October the following year. ii) Signing Authority - All cheques shall be required to be signed by the Treasurer and one (1) of either the President, Vice President or Secretary. iii) Payment to Executive members or officers - No position on the IMLA Executive Board will be a paid position. The only funds members are entitled to receive are reimbursements of approved expenses (as per the Government of Alberta). iv) Borrowing Power - IMLA is entitled to allow for future issuances of debentures, but these debentures can only be issued by a Special Resolution of the members. v) Society Seal - At the present time, IMLA is not adopting a society seal.
  • 11.2 Inspection of Records: The members have the right to inspect the books and records of IMLA. The members also have the right to obtain copies, at their expense, of the books and records of IMLA. The records may be inspected by making arrangements with the President, Secretary, or Treasurer to inspect them at a mutually agreeable place. IMLA shall produce the books and records for inspection within a reasonable time after being requested by the member to do so.



  • 12.1 In the event that the Association decides to dissolve and there are funds remaining in the operating accounts, it is to be disbursed. A majority vote at the final General Meeting will decide how the funds are to be disbursed and it must be to a local or community Association that is similar in nature.


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