Policies and Procedures

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Mission Statement 


To promote the sport of Lacrosse in a fun, safe and respectful environment while developing the skills and knowledge of the game of Lacrosse, and to increase the love of the sport in a positive team building manner in all players, coaches and association members. 



  1. Foster, promote, govern and improve Minor Box Lacrosse in Innisfail and within the LGB boundaries.
  2. Foster among its members, supporters and teams, fair play, sportsmanship and general community spirit while maintaining and promoting interest in the game of Minor Box Lacrosse.
  3. Control and exercise general care, supervision and direction over all playing interest in IMLA or other activities entered into by IMLA and its members. 
  4. Institute and regulate competition in Minor Box Lacrosse. 

Code of Conduct: 

All Members, Players, Coaches, Managers, Trainers, Executive Board Members and Officials shall: 

  1. Attempt at all times to work toward the goals and objectives of IMLA and the game of Lacrosse, and towards the betterment of its members; strive to heighten the image and dignity of IMLA and the sport of Lacrosse as a whole, and to refrain from behavior which may discredit or embarrass IMLA or the game. 
  2. Always be courteous and objective in dealings with other members. 
  3. Refrain from unfavourable criticism of other members or representatives of IMLA, except when made through proper channels. 
  4. Strive to achieve excellence in the sport while supporting the concepts of Fair Play and a Drug Free Sport. 
  5. Show respect for the cultural, social, religious, and political values of all participants in the sport. 
  6. As a guest in a foreign country, other provinces or other associations, abide by the laws of the host and adhere to any social customs concerning conduct.


REGULATION 1: Membership 


A Member shall be: 

  1. Any family registered with IMLA or any non-parent coach, assistant coach, trainer, manager or executive board member officially registered with the association. The membership fee shall be the registration fee for a Lacrosse player; a fee being determined by the IMLA Executive Committee before each new Box Lacrosse year. 


REGULATION 2: Member Responsibility 


  1. Membership entitles each person over the age of 18, one vote at all Annual and General Meetings, as long as they are a member in good standing (as defined by IMLA Bylaw # 5). IMLA welcomes all members to attend the Annual and General Meetings, to have an active voice in the operations of IMLA. All executive meetings are open to the public at all times with the exception of any en camera portion. 


REGULATION 3: Registration 


  1. Fees: IMLA player fees must consist of; IMLA player registration fee, volunteer bond, Spirit of the Sticks volunteer bond, jersey bond and goalie equipment bond (if required). CALL and ALA registration fees as well as 1 away tournament fees and SOS and or TOTT raffle fees for applicable divisions as well as team and individual pictures are included in the player registration fee.Registration fees will be set prior to registration and will be based on estimated cost of floor time, referees and the inclusion of CALL and ALA fees as specified. 
  2. A player may be denied access to the playing floor if the Parent and Player Code of Conduct has not been completed and or the registration fees have not been paid prior to the players first scheduled floor time.
  3. Refunds: In the event a player/ family requests a withdrawal from a program there will be a $50.00 non-refundable administration fee assessed on all registrations regardless of cancellation date. After registration, any refund given must have the CALL and ALA registration fees deducted from the refund. Refunds will consist of the remaining money and will only be given up to the conclusion of the CALL Eye Opener Tournament and at the discretion of the Executive Board. In the case of an injury that leaves a player unable to complete the season, fees will be prorated, and the amount of refund will be at the discretion of the Executive Board. A request for refund, because of injury, must be received in writing accompanied by a signed doctor note. 
  4. Deadline for fees: Registration open date will be set by the Executive Board each year with individual registration being closed as of May 15 set by ALA. Registration fees (via e transfer) and post dated cheques- consisting of , jersey deposit, volunteer bond and Spirit of the Sticks volunteer bond must be received by the Registrar prior to first practice. If full payment cannot be made a three payment installment plan (one dated the date registered, and the balance due no later than 1 week prior to commencement of the season) *** an alternative arrangement must be made with the Treasurer. A player is not deemed registered until the entire registration is paid. If the payment arrangement is not honored, the player’s registration with IMLA will be void, and the player will be denied access to the floor. 
  5. Financial Assistance: If a player/family is in need of financial assistance they can seek assistance from Kidsport program or request to the IMLA treasurer helping hand. They must apply to kidsport or request helping hand prior to the commencement of league play. Please note the volunteer, jersey and applicable SOS cheques as well as the $60.00 ALA fees are still required and must be submitted 1 week prior to the commencement of the season. 
  6. Policy of NSF Cheques- Purpose: to ensure appropriate and timely payments for Innisfail Minor Lacrosse Association. NSF cheques will be assessed a $25.00, payable by the registered family/player. Full payment of all related outstanding fees must be made by bank draft / e transfer on or before April 15. If payment is not received by this date, the player will be placed on a waiting list and he/she will be ineligible to play until the total fee payment has been received.
  7. Any member who has outstanding debts to IMLA, whether incurred because of registration or accrued during the season as a player, volunteer or coach, shall be declared “Not in Good Standing”. A player, coach or volunteer who is no longer in good standing, shall not be permitted to register for the next year of Box Lacrosse. If the debt remains unpaid during the playing season, 30 days after notice has been given to the member by the Treasurer or President; playing, coaching or volunteering will be reinstated immediately upon receipt by the Treasurer of cash or certified cheque in the amount of the debt. 
  8. Registrations will be accepted in a division up to the allotted roster size (Regulation 6), as set by ALA. Registration is accepted on a first come first served basis (preference will be given to IMLA players), accompanied by full payment of fees and deposits up to the CALL player and team registration deadline. 
    1. If a team has a full roster, then a wait list will be kept by the Registrar in the event that a current registered player cancels his/her registration from the team within the CALL registration deadline. If a player registration is not received by the deadline for declaration of teams, resulting in no declaration of an IMLA team, as per CALL guidelines, then no registration will be accepted by said registrant and no release will be considered. All registrations and wait list requests will only be accepted by the IMLA Registrar. 


REGULATION 4: Rules of Play and “Fair Play” 


  1. IMLA will follow all CLA, ALA and CALL rules of play at ALL TIMES.
  2. As IMLA is currently a ‘B’ center, we will encourage “fair play”, so that all players can grow and develop their skills. The LTAD minimum standards, as designated by ALA, will be used to guide skill development. The following is IMLA’s philosophy of fair play: 
    1. U7/U9: Rolling lines at ALL TIMES. 
    2. U11/U13: Encourage rolling lines. Penalty kill line allowed, last 5 minutes of the game, coaches discretion for tournaments, playoffs and important league games.
    3. U15/U17: Encourage rolling lines. Penalty kill and Power Play lines allowed, last 10 minutes of the game, coaches discretion for tournament, playoffs and important league games. 


REGULATION 5: Tournaments 


  1. According to CALL rules and regulations, teams in CALL are allowed to attend a maximum of 3 tournaments within the CALL season. (Within the season dates as specified by CALL). The Spirit of the Sticks Tournament is considered 1 of 3 tournaments in the season and is mandatory. 


REGULATION 6: Parity, Releases, Player Movement, and Permission to Tryout 


  1. Parity: In the event that there is more than one team declared in a division, IMLA will take reasonable steps to ensure the teams are composed with parity between said teams, IMLA will follow the minimum Alberta Lacrosse Association team division numbers. Wherever possible, parity will be determined by evaluations completed by 3 evaluators that have no vested interest in the teams. 
  2. Releases: Any member requesting a release from IMLA, must be registered with IMLA and a member in good standing. Releases will not be granted for any reason other than:
    1. A player that makes the ‘A’ team 
    2. A female registrant moving to play on a female team, in the event that IMLA is not able to provide a female team. 
    3. Players who have been put on a waiting list in a division which holds more than the Alberta Lacrosse Association allotted playing roster of 20 (2 Goalies and 18 Runners). 
  3. Player Movement: Players must be registered in their age division. Player movement may be allowed, (provided the player movement satisfies the rules of movement as set by CALL and ALA) at the discretion of IMLA. 
  4. Permission to Tryout: Permission to try out for an ‘A’ team will be granted to any player who requests it. Permission must be requested to and granted by the President of IMLA. Once the player has successfully been accepted on to an ‘A’ team (of which IMLA does not provide), and the player has registered with IMLA, the player will conditionally be released for one season to the receiving association. The only time a release will be denied, is if that player would make the minimum number, as specified by the ALA, for IMLA to declare a team in that division, after all other options to make the minimum have been considered. 

REGULATION 7: Tom Kovacs Award 


  1. The Tom Kovacs Award is an award given annually. The Kovacs Award was established in 2009 for recognition of Tom Kovacs. He was instrumental in bringing the game of Lacrosse to the Town of Innisfail and establishing IMLA. 
  2. The recipient of this award can be any member in good standing, past or present, of IMLA who exhibits fair play, good sportsmanship, integrity and a love and dedication to the game of Lacrosse. 
  3. Submissions can be made by anyone in the community. Submissions for the Kovacs award are to be emailed to the Public Relations and Fundraising Director of IMLA. 
  4. Deadline for submissions will be set each year by the Executive Board. 
  5. Selection will be based on the number of submissions and whether the person selected meets the established criteria upon the approval of the Executive Board. 
  6. The recipient will be announced publicly at the Year End Wind Up. The award/plaque will be displayed in the IMLA display case at the Arena. 


REGULATION 8: Tournament Coordinator: 


Must be responsible for the following tasks; 

  1. Submit the application for the annual Spirit of the Sticks Tournament Sanction to ALA with the appropriate fee prior to November 1st
  2. Start a committee ensuring all divisions are represented. 
  3. Develop a budget based on entry fees, floor costs, referee travel and accommodation expenses, RIC hotel accommodations, medals, MVP awards, decorations, player gifts, concession items and signage. 
  4. Present budget to the Executive Board for approval 
  5. Liaise with the Town of Innisfail to book floor time for ALA approved tournament dates. 
  6. Liaise with the IMLA Executive Board regarding scheduling, financial transactions, public relations. The IMLA Executive Board will provide support and assistance. 
  7. Liaise with the Referee in Chief and the Alberta Lacrosse Referee Association.
  8. Invite outside vendors (i.e.; Photographers, Equipment Sales, Food Trucks, etc.).
  9. Submit application to the Town of Innisfail for the use of the Arena Lobby and Business License.
  10. Submit application to Innisfail Minor Hockey Association for the rental use of the arena concession.
  11. Submit application for the AGLC License for the Raffle Table, 50/50 Draw and Table Draws. 
  12. Develop the volunteer schedule for tournament staffing. 
  13.  Submit IMLA teams into away tournament (preferably within the first half of the regular season)


 REGULATION 9: IMLA Safety and Equipment 


  1. IMLA requires all players to wear the necessary certified equipment, as specified by the ALA, at all games and practices
  2. Mouth guards and Jock/Jill’s are always mandatory
  3. Kneepads are recommended but not mandatory. 
  4. Helmets are mandatory for anyone on the floor under the age of 18. This includes coaches under the age of 18. No exceptions. 
  5. Goalie Equipment: IMLA is committed to providing the opportunity for all players to play goal. Owning your own goalie equipment does not guarantee a full-time position a s goalie on the team. All player owned goalie equipment is subject to inspection by the equipment director. IMLA willprovide uppers, legs, pants, dangler, stick (tyke-peewee) , bantam-midget must provide their own stick and all goalies must provide their own Jock/Jill and helmet. A $250.00 deposit must be given before goalie equipment is distributed. Gear must be returned at the end of the season in the same condition it was given and professionally sanitized (with proof of receipt) as per Equipment specifications (with normal wear and tear taken into consideration), and then the deposit will be returned. 
  6. Jerseys: All jerseys are to be turned into the Team Manager or designated volunteer at the end of every game. It is the responsibility of teams to ensure jerseys are washed and looked after properly. 
    1. A jersey deposit cheque in the amount of $75.00, postdated to July 1 will be collected at registration. 
  7. Equipment Return: Managers are to arrange the return of jerseys. Goalies must arrange the return of goalie equipment to the Equipment Director at the end of the season. Head Coaches are responsible for the return of the ball bags, first aid kits and coaches supplies that were provided by IMLA.
  8. For Audit purposes: a complete inventory report is required for any equipment owned by IMLA, and to be conducted by the equipment director and/or subcommittee. Inventory for 2020 will be completed by Jan 2020 and all subsequent seasons by sept 1st of each year prior to the newly inducted board.


REGULATION 10: Travel outside of Alberta 


  1. All teams traveling outside of Alberta require permission (permit) from IMLA and ALA. 


REGULATION 11: Coaching Requirements 


  1. Coaching applications are strongly encouraged to be submitted prior to the deadline to declare teams. Applications will be reviewed by the Coach/Player Development Director to ensure that coaches have the required ALA Coaching standard, as per CALL Regulation 14 and ALA Regulation 18. The Director will review all applications and make recommendations to the IMLA Executive Board, which will then make a final decision on each coach placement. 
  2. All Coaches are expected to follow IMLA Regulation 4 - Rules of Play. 
  3. All Bench Staff are expected to provide IMLA with a Vulnerable Sector Check prior to their application being accepted. 
  4. All Coaches are required to sign the IMLA Coaching Code of Conduct. 


REGULATION 12: Discipline Issues, Complaints, and Proper Protocol 

  1. All discipline issues must be reported in writing to the Discipline Chair to be considered.
  2. Player/Coach/General Member: Players, Parents, Coaches and General Members shall always conduct themselves according to the IMLA Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to this code may result in suspensions or removal from IMLA and/or its governing bodies.
  3. Discipline Procedure: 
    1. Meet with a coach and/or team board liaison (if there is no satisfactory resolution, proceed to b).
    2. Meeting with the Discipline Chair to discuss the issue (if there is no satisfactory resolution, proceed to c).
    3. Meeting of the Discipline Committee, if required, to assess the discipline required. Minutes of any such meeting will be held in confidence and made available only to the parties involved. 
    4. A written report with the incident along with a written discipline order and any conditions that arise from the meeting of the Discipline Chair/Committee. 
    5. Follow up by the Discipline Chair/Committee to ensure that all conditions are adhered to.
    6. Release report from the Discipline Chair/Committee to the Executive Board, after all conditions have been met. Final reports are to be filed with the IMLA Executive Board documents. 
    7. Ongoing monitoring of the file by the Discipline Chair if required, or file closure. 


    All discipline issues will remain confidential to the best of the ability of IMLA. 

  4. Appeals: To appeal a discipline decision made by IMLA, must be submitted in writing to CALL. IMLA follows the natural justice process that is set up by ALA.


REGULATION 13: Sponsorship/Fundraising 


  1. Sponsorship Contract Outline: 
  2. Fundraising at the team level must be approved by the Executive Board of IMLA with the funds managed by the Treasurer of IMLA. See Bylaw 8, subsection 8.9. 
  3. Sponsorship contracts will be maintained by the Public Relations/Fundraising Director, with copies being made available to the Executive Board at the time of sponsorship renewal and will be turned in at the end of the year for filing with the IMLA Executive Board documents. 
  4. There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities for local businesses to partner with IMLA. Documentation must accompany ALL transactions. 
  5. Jersey Sponsorship: The sponsorship amount will be determined annually by the Executive Board. Sponsors may pay annually or in full at the time of the agreement. Sponsors will have first right of refusal once their term is up. At the end of each season, sponsors will receive a picture of their team from the Public Relations/Fundraising Director. 


REGULATION 14: Website 


Webmaster must be responsible for the following tasks 

  1. The website must be kept current and outdated items must be removed. 
  2. All requests from the board to post information on the website must be performed within 7 days. 
  3. Requests to send emails to the membership regarding IMLA business will require final approval from the President prior to sending. Once approval is given, they can be forwarded to the webmaster. 
  4. The webmaster reports directly to the Executive Board through the Public Relations/Fundraising Director. Under the direction of the Executive Board, the webmaster has the authority to remove anything from the website. All information on the website will be current and up-to-date. 
  5. Regular Board Meeting Notifications:
    1.  Approved minutes of Executive Board meetings will be posted in a timely manner upon approval. 
    2. Next meeting notifications will be posted no later than 3 days after the meeting is scheduled. 
  6. Team Areas: The webmaster will provide pass codes to the manager of each team, and the coach will designate someone to manage the team’s area on the website. Webmaster will help with training and advising. Each team will have as a minimum, the roster, head coach, bench staff, manager and jersey sponsor information by the start of the season. 

REGULATION 15: Document Control 


  1. Upon the resignation or term completion of an Executive Board Member, ALL documentation and IMLA belongings will be turned over to the IMLA Executive Board within 5 business days. 
  2. The IMLA Secretary will be responsible for maintaining all records and files on behalf of IMLA. 
  3. Supporting documentation will be held by the IMLA President, so that in the event of loss, while in the secretary’s possession, backup files will be maintained. 


REGULATION 16: Allotted floor time per division 


  1. All teams in IMLA have been allotted 1 or 2 practice times a week, depending on available floor time. Floor times may be changed by IMLA prior to the start of the season. 
  2. At times throughout the season, accommodations to week night league games will have to be made. The Scheduler will make efforts to ensure that any floor time taken away from a team for another team’s league game will be made up with another time slot.
  3. Any extra floor time over and above the allotted floor time will be purchased at the team’s expense. 


REGULATION 17: Winter Lacrosse 


  1. IMLA may hold winter lacrosse commencing in January each year. Information will be posted on the IMLA website at the earliest possible time. Fees will vary depending on location and program offered (i.e. specialized coaching, etc.). If a player was not registered in the previous season with the ALA and/or outside the IMLA boundaries, an additional insurance fee will apply. 


REGULATION 18: Volunteerism and Volunteer Bonds 

(amended February 2023)

  1. Members will submit either (Option 1) a cheque dated for the first business day after the Terror of the Tykes Festival (U7 & U9) or the Spirit of the Sticks Tournament (U11+), in the amount of $200.00 OR (Option 2) a cash (or email money transfer) deposit in the amount of $200 due on or by the first day of the season, in order to guarantee member participation in our fundraiser event as well as regular season volunteer hours.
  2. A member is required to complete a minimum of:
    1. U7: 5 hours regular season duties, plus a minimum of 3 shifts towards Terror of the Tykes per player
    2. U9: 10 hours regular season duties, plus a minimum of 3 shifts towards Terror of the Tykes per player
    3. U11, U13, U15, & U17: 10 hours regular season duties, plus a minimum of 3 shifts toward Spirit of the Sticks per player.

    Regular season duties may include, but not be limited to

    1. Association Executive position (11 positions, covers all hours)
    2. Team head coach (1 per team, covers all hours for that team)
    3. Assistant coach (multiple positions per team, covers 75% hours for that team)
    4. Team trainer (1 per team, covers 50% hours for that team)
    5. Team manager (1 per team, covers all hours for that team)
    6. Jersey parent (1-2 per team U7; 2 per team U9+, covers 50% hours for that team)
    7. Timeclock, Scoresheet, and Penalty Box Volunteers (U7: 1 per game; U9+: 2 per game) May be over and above regular hours if all team members' hours have been completed.
    8. Festival/Tournament Committee (1 per team, covers 50% hours for that team)
    9. Other team duties (as needed)
  • If all team duties are accounted for and you have not yet filled your required hours, additional hours may be earned by:
      • Concession - process food sales, cook & serve food 

    Festival & Tournament duties may includes, but not limited to:

      1. Raffle table - Sell raffle tickets, help draw winners, supervise dispersal of prizes
      2. 50/50 sales - sell tickets
      3. Information/welcome table - greet teams, manage game-sheets, etc 
      4. Concession (SOS+) - process food sales, cook & serve food
      5. Supervision (TOTT) - managing bouncy houses, etc
  1. Members will track their volunteer duties with the provided form, and submit to their team manager for verification, who will submit their teams’ documents to the Executive. Once the form has been reviewed, the post dated cheque will be destroyed OR you will be issued a refund of the $200 deposit. Members who have not met the above criteria by the date stated may have their cheque cashed/deposit forfeited, at the discretion of the Executive.
  2. All proper paperwork must be submitted in full, at the time of registration or the registration will not be considered a complete registration. 


REGULATION 19: Receipts and monetary requests 

  1. Any receipts being presented to the treasurer for reimbursement are to be no older than 60 days. 
  2. With the exception of board pre-approved, fixed amounts, all purchases for IMLA require prior approval from the IMLA Executive board.


REGULATION 20: Junior Coaches 

  1. Junior coaches must be removed by at least one full age group (for example: U15 can not junior coach for U13, but can for U11 and below). 
  2. Junior coaches must be a registered Innisfail Minor Lacrosse player.
  3. Junior coaches must be approved by the team's Head Coach. 
  4. Junior coaches must submit a Junior Coach Application.
  5. Junior coaches are there to assist the coaches with the team's practices, not for personal floor time.

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